Creiamo strumenti e forniamo servizi di IT a piccole e grandi organizzazioni e imprese, usando creatività, design e tecnologia avanzata.


Informazioni di contatto

8000 Nabeul,Tunisie
+216 55 220 892

Union Key Net Solutions

Tunisian IT Experts with Union Key Net

  • the number of unemployed is high in Tunisia
  • Dissatisfaction climate generated because of the difficult relationship between the administration and the people.
  • Nowadays the opportunity is to find the activities that produce benefits economic for Tunisia
  • The importance of providing new opportunities for young Tunisians
  • We create Union Key Net based on a lots of work experiences of Italian organizations which is. Union Key Net situated in Tunisia , In the information technology sector.
  • The evolution of the administrative procedure and the cultural heritage help the creation of new opportunities which improve tourism in Tunisia.

That’s why we create an Italian company in Tunisia which provides the latest IT service.

Union Key Net Goals

Create new systems for Tunisia, exclusively through Tunisian IT experts and with the support of know-how acquired over time by our Italian partners.

Adapt where possible, or realize on the basis of experiences acquired outside Tunisia, applications for the Tunisian (laws, standards, public organizations, …).

Export the new systems to other African countries, creating in Tunisia a point of excellence and reference for the whole continent.