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8 March 2018
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IT Sectors in Tunisia
30 March 2018
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IT Security Provider in Tunisia

IT Security Providers

IT Security Providers in Tunisia

IT Security

IT security has become a necessity in a world where all kinds of data is exchanged on the Internet, IT security is very evolutive and not giving it the importance it deserves, can have terrible consequences on states, privates and even individuals.

DDOS, the most widespread attack in the world, is a nuisance for all Internet users that often has economic effects.

Install computer hardware and security equipment in a data center such as DATAXION, and implement a multi-year experience in various countries, with advanced technology devices; is the beginning of the creation of a real IT security in Tunisia.

A solid and maintained IT services system 24/24 and 7/7 is the centerpiece to carry out other huge projects for Tunisia, such as dematerialization.

Finally, we will begin to talk about a Tunisia that benefits from as do advanced countries all over the world