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Dematerialization For Public Administration

The transition from paper-based documents to theirs electronic management is one of the most difficult and ponderous changes in public administration, but it is surely one of the most important choices in creating a modern organization, with fluid and optimized workflow cycles, in speed, optimized, efficient and economical.
A choice that sooner or later will have to be made by any country. Making this choice now represents a competitive advantage not to lose.
Digital technologies are a resource for the efficiency and productivity of the public administration. An administration that is less expensive and operates better creates more wealth for all citizens and companies.

In the countries that approved a plan for moving to a digital administration, through the use of the most advanced computer technologies and related mechanisms, allows to reach in concrete this “disappearance of the paper”.
A vision that involves a profound transformation of the “modus operandi” of any Administration and a revaluation of its professional resources.
These experiences will surely be replicated in other countries, such as Tunisia and Morocco, to improve the relationship between the administration and the population, increasing the satisfaction level of this last one, concerning public services.


The dematerialization of documents, although one of the anchor points of a new design of public administration procedures in a digital perspective, is one on which it is possible to reach effective interventions more quickly

The management of paper documents has a cost of almost 2% of the GDP in the industrialized countries

The regulatory framework underlying fully digital administrative procedures is essentially defined and could be a good experience to transfer to countries that have not yet adopted it

The same regarding technologies for the preparation, execution, electronic document protocol management, transmission and storage of electronic documents

The procedures on which to intervene are numerous: it is however necessary to implement an action of sensitization and formation, practically these procedures concern the whole of the Public Administration.

The mission of our Group is to export the know-how acquired over time by our international partners, adapting it to the standards of the new country, through technicians and computer engineers of the same country.

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