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Public administration and information system security:

Union Key Net is a Tunisian IT Services Provider: Accelerate the dematerialization process of public administrations. Simplify communication between administrations and people.
The transition from paper documents to the electronic management is one of the heaviest and most difficult changes in the public administration, but it's certainly one of the most important choices in order to create a modern organization that is efficient and economical, with fluid and optimized cycles; a choice that sooner or later will have to be made by any country. Making this choice, now, represents a competitive advantage.
Digital technologies are a resource for efficiency and productivity in the public administration. A cheaper and more efficient administration creates more wealth for all citizens and businesses. Countries that have approved a plan to move to an administration which takes advantage of the most advanced ITs and related mechanisms have been able to concretely achieve this " disappearance of paper".
A vision that involves a deep transformation of the " modus operandi " of any administration and a re-evaluation of its professional resources.

Public health

Developing intelligent systems that facilitate the delivery of patient services through computer technologies which are available at the global health level, including several different solutions:


  • Health Care Call Center.
  • Centralized patient registry.
  • Management of ambulatory mobility.
  • Hospital mobility.
  • Management of clinical records.
  • Automatic recognition of presence.
  • Personnel management systems


RFID technology can be used to create many solutions to:

  • Management of blood transfusions.
  • Medication management for patients.
  • Management of hospital treatments.

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