We create digital experience for big and small organizations and we use  creativity and technology.


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Union Key Net

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About Us

The main aim of the “UNION KEY NET” Group is to simplify the current activities of any subject (individual person, legal entity, organization, public administration) through the innovative technologies now available in a global vision of our planet. You need IT solutions & web development services & outsourcing IT services to better manage your business, UKN Solutions offers you the best professional solutions tailored to your need. The countries where we are installed (Morocco, Tunisia, UAE) are undoubtedly a very advanced point of union of all the world’s mentalities, thanks to the highly evolved processes of globalization which are being determined through innovative technologies.

Our Services

1. E-commerce sites design & creation.
2. IT consulting / Remote services / Installations.
3. Customized websites production and management is in its fullest form, an interactive communication tool between a structure(business, banking, public administration, merchant, ..) and an almost infinite number of subjects consulting it.
4. Research this intensive work is for study the market for give the right approach to the global market.
5. Simplification for PA through use of ICT and other tools.
6. Virtural private servers-collocation.
7. Assistance & Maintenance, dematerialization of documents, process and store your information more efficiently.
8. Business opportunities management.
9. Web Development
10. Mobile development

Union Key Net aims for excellence in all our deliverables by putting people in the center of our operations and by always looking to be a pioneer in our field.